Thursday, 11 July 2013


The following is needed during and after the birth of newborn baby

1.       Malengeni
2.       Samawari
3.       Seredani
4.       Majamanda
5.       Kauma
6.       Muru
7.       Mboza
8.       Liwa
9.       Sandali
10.   Mvuje

How the baby is prepared after the birth
  1. Prayers are said to both the mother and the baby
  2.  Prayers are said to the babys ear ( prayers like the one calling people for prayers “ Allah Akbar* 3)
  3. The baby is given a name
  4. Vigwe ,mvuje and nyimbili are tied to the legs and hands  of the baby as protection for the baby. It is believed that this can  protect the baby from evil spirit.
  5. Honey and subili is given to the baby first before breastfeeding ( kugagamua koo). It is believed that honey make the baby taste the sweet and the good deeds while subili; the taste of  better and hard times in life.
  6. Wanja is applied to the babies hands, legs and face( on the face a star or a  moon sign is drawn).
  7. A Pit is dug for the burial of the placenta
  8. On the seventh day the baby is taken out to feel the sun and coconuts juice is sprinkle on the face as a sign  of rain.
  9. The baby is taken round the house to see where the bedroom, the bathroom and the setting room  are( the baby is told this is the bedroom, this is the setting room and e.t.c).
  10.  During the forty days a big feast is done for both the mother and the baby ( this is called akika)
  11. On this day the mother is free and clean she can now beautify her self with henna and liwa.

Other things which are done to the baby

Mvuje  stem is tied on a piece of black thick thread then tied on the leg or hand of the baby. This is done as protection for the baby from evil spirit.

A Bronze ring
A bronze ring is put to boost the baby in walking, this is done if the baby delays to walk.

Wanja is applied to the baby's face to hid the beautiful face of the baby it is done intensional to avoid people recognizing the face of the baby.

Muru is a solid traditional medicine which is mixed with water,  the paste is then applied to the head of the baby. This is done when the head of the baby is soft or takes along time to harden.

Prepared by
Khadija Issa Twahir.

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