Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Maktaba Awards Photos...

NMK Libraries Win MAKTABA AWARDS 2012 ‘Elimu Asilia’s Contribution’

On September 21st 2012, Louse Leakey Auditorium at the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) was host to more than 300 delegates attending the Maktaba Awards 2012 (Library of the Year 2012)

Two of the National Museums of Kenya libraries emerged Winners in the Special and Community Libraries categories respectively. The Main library at the Resource Centre, Nairobi emerged winner in the special library category; while Coastal Resource Centre, Mombasa emerged winner in the community libraries category. The two Resource Centres are housed in spacious environment, have wireless and internet connection that enhance access to information for readers.
Of interest to the Maktaba Award 2012 was the library innovation dubbed “Elimu Asilia” a participatory platform where NMK librarians and IT professionals work together with researchers, students, teachers and the community to collect, preserve, share and disseminate indigenous knowledge in the areas of Environment, History and Culture for the memory of our nation for sustainability and eco-social development, while creating and encouraging online communities to share knowledge. The platform is available at Elimu Asilia aims to:

·         Capture and collect community memory through community participation
·         Process the knowledge and make it available digitally online through the museum libraries and websites
·         Raise awareness and promote appreciation of indigenous knowledge
·         Enhance collection, preservation and availability of indigenous knowledge
·         Enhance access to and use of indigenous knowledge in digital format
·         Promote development and sustainable “on-line communities”

As custodians of Kenya’s Heritage, the two libraries have unique collections like:

  • Swahili manuscripts, Swahili poems, Kiswahili Language
  • Local Documentaries on DVDs/CDs on different subjects
  • Reprints collections on emerging research and manuscripts for future generation’s use
  • Wide collection of local content from different ethnic groups from Kenya
  • Natural History and Rare Books (Best in Africa South of Sahara)
Main library Networks with other relevant libraries and institutions in the region in the establishment of Biodiversity Heritage Library for Africa
Value Addition Services
  • The libraries Listens to customers, provide scanning, printing, cyber cafĂ© services to those interested
  • Coastal Resource Centre staff participate in events and activities on cultural issues such as cooking, dress making, henna competition for ladies, wedding and dances during visits by students of the School of Oriental in African Studies (SOAS) who are trained on Kiswahili language and Swahili Culture
  • Provision of Multi-media corner with relevant local content on CDs/DVD and Videos of educative documentaries by NMK
  • A 21’ flat screen TV is provided in the library for clients and staff to keep abreast with news around the world as it happens