Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Luo Traditional Marriage Ceremony

After the bridegroom and the bride have decided to get married, they both discuss the matter or give the news to both parents. If both parents have agreed with the plan they then get together for the preparation with the help of some elders and in- laws. While in preparation dealings, they both discuss about the bride price they normally give a bull and a cow also they give out a goat.

The bride price is not paid as a whole so that it can cement their relationship .The bride should not prepare food for the groom’s family or the in-laws the same applies to the groom’s family. The bride’s family is the only one who is supposed to prepare the food. It is said that the bride should not be around the cooking area or within the compound.

The bride’s mother should prepare chicken “Gweno” and other meals are also included example are cow’s meat “ring dhiang” whereby the cow should be slaughtered on that day. The people who were preparing food are the ones who are involved with serving the groom’s family.
The groom’s in –law/ family should not stay at the bride’s house till 6:00 pm since it may end up bringing conflict between the two families.
After that, the bride and the bridegroom are given five weeks to prepare for the wedding ceremony. It is said that the girl should be placed in the house for three days before marriage. The locking of the girl is to ensure that the girl is fully prepared for marriage.
After the three days  the bride and bridegroom are supposed to spend the night together, the reason to that is to confirm whether that she is a virgin by the grandmother “Dani” and the news is spread to both the in- laws when they meet again.
Now the girl is handed on to the bridegroom family so that the ceremony can continue whereby it may be the last since she has been handed over.
Story Prepared by:
Sharon Atieno, Fiona Achieng, Quinter Anyango, Viona Akinyi, Quinter Achieng,Levina Anango, Queen Aoko, Phoebe Adhiambo, Ann Atieno, Sharon Adhiambo,Lavender Achieng, Belindah Nereah, Lavender Mewa and Meldon Awuor
Ruaraka High School

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