Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Luhya Marriage Practices

Amongst the luhyia community, we have several sub tribes they include the Tiriki, Bukusu,Wanga, Idakho, Maragoli  e.t.c
However, all these sub-tribes  have similarities and differences in the way they conduct their marriage ceremony. That is for the tiriki and wanga the boy would catch the girl while she is either going to fetch water or firewood and the other sub-tribe some would lock up the girl in their rooms (isimba) and then wait for the following day to go and report to the girl’s parents that they have their sheep (girl) at their house.
After the girl has agreed or the parents have agreed to marry, they would all arrange for the traditional marriage including the dowry. On the day of the marriage ceremony to take place there will be a meeting from both families to organize how they will take the girl if they had reached to an agreement of the dowry, however, if they had not reached to an agreement there will be no marriage that would occur until they have agreed for them to do so.
On the other hand on the day of the ceremony the groom would come to the home accompanied by his parents, his friend and even his uncles, it involved his uncles because if anything happens to the groom’s father and a problem arise to the marriage the uncles will act as the parents while the meeting is going on. The girl’s family that is the parents, friends and aunties they choose aunties because of the same reason as the boy’s uncle. The girl will be hidden while other relatives will be preparing some traditional foods for example ugali, chicken and busaa (a traditional brew).
After the meeting is over and both families have agreed the day the dowry will be brought they may decide to allow the boy to go with the girl or disagree. They will all celebrate for the wedding and before 6 pm. The in- laws were supposed to have left. The dowry (discussed number of cows, sheep or goat) would be brought on the agreed date.
Story Prepared by:
Silvia Khatetsia, Hadija Ashuma, Yvonne Jeiza,Salome Macreen and Rose Ondeche
Ruaraka High School

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