Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mkode Tree...

Mkode is a tree grown in a warm tropical climate. It is mostly found in the Coastal region of Kenya. Its lifespan is about 20-25years and its height is about3-4meters. It is a flowering plant and later it produces fruits. The flowers are yellow in colour while the fruits are green in colour.The flowers produces a pleasant smell.
Mostly Mkode is used by Swahili people for decoration. It makes a compound be smart and look beautiful. Its fruits are used by the children to play a game known as kode (a game in which a circle is drawn on the ground and the kode fruits tossed in the air at the same time pushed out of the circle before catching the single fruit tossed in the air, it is a popular game among girls. This game helps develop accuracy skills in distance and time estimation).
Mkode is also used by children to make”ulimbo”.Ulimbo is a milkish liquid that mkode produces and is burnt until it becomes like a chewing gum. Then the gum is applied on a stick to catch birds. It is used as medicine.
It cures diseases like ringworms and jiggers. The fruit of mkode contains seeds that are used for curing ringworms.Mkode tree also heals jiggers ,the roots of these tree are crashed and mixed with coconut oil and then the mixture is applied to where jiggers are. These are the main uses for the Mkode tree.

Francis Safari, Kibokoni Primary School.
Tonny Fondoh, Mazeras High School.
We would urge people at large to preserve the tree by taking good care of it because despite its importance it also acts as an environmental beauty.

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