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Maasai Moran...

A Maasai Moran is a male born child from birth, a Maasai boy is prepared to be an important person to the family and the community at large. The parents, from as early as a child, they nurture all qualities that make a Maasai; braveness, sensitiveness, strength to mention but a few. The father takes charge in molding and making the boy become a useful Moran, while the mother does all the necessities, from food, beddings to good care.
As the boy grows the father will help him imitate a fully grown male. This is in terms of coaching the boy on how to graze the cattle by being allowed to run around as the ones are left at home. The boy is taught how to use a stick which is mandatory in the lifestyle of Maasai, of cattle rearing.  Singing is another vital ingredient in Maasai life; the boy is taught songs and how to sing.  Songs help’s in making him busy while looking after the cattle, in a quiet environment.
Imitation of a spear and shield are made of wood for him to use, while growing. This is due to, the original one’s are made of metal and are heavy for him to lift.  At the age of ten, the boy is ready for a difficult task of taking cattle for grazing. Sometimes on his own or accompanying the adults.
The next stage of his life is spent doing core’s, within or around the home stead.  But mostly is about the welfare of the cattle. The next stage of his life, between ten and eighteen years the young man is prepared mentally by the adults about the tasks a head.  This consists of circumcision, defense and the responsibility of a Moran. In other cases, for example when a parent’s first children are girls, and later they get a boy, he is taken through all the stages very fast, so as he can take a Moran responsibility early.  After circumcision which takes place between the age of 15 to 20, he fully becomes a Moran. At this stage you will easily recognize then by color , which is mostly red ogre, which is applied all over the body, plaited hair and colorfully bright mixed ornaments that represent entrance into Moranism.
Feasting dancing and celebrating take place after initiation into Moranism, whereby old men would pour milk on the Moran as a mark of blessings, speaking words that entail their wishes for the Morans in the life a head of them.  Women would also bless their sons with special ornaments that have signifance to their initial into Moranism.
From this stage on, they are Moran, and the next important segment in their lives is marriage. After marriage, they are accorded a responsible mans respect but still in the Morans stage. This is because in Masai tradition, the Moran title comes to an end, and one is initiated to the next age group.

BY: Keshia.

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